I want to introduce you to an amazing product, I was quite astounded by the differences and changes in just one 45 minute wrap session.


You can tone and tighten in minutes, with just one wrap.


I exercise a lot, and I mean every day, sometimes twice a day, excluding Sundays.  We all need a day off after all! High intensity Boot Camp sessions. I also watch what I eat and don’t drink much alcohol. I am in my 50s and just come through the dreaded menopause.


But I still had a wobbly tummy and wobbly inside thighs, exercise was not tightening it up.  I know I have a 6 pack stomach but no one can see it.


My husband took a photo of me with my arms outstretched and I saw for the first time my bingo wings!  I was horrified, so time to take action.


Hello... My name is Catherine




Transform yourself by watching this.... 45 secs of your life to create a new transformed life.

Gain Confidence with real results


Do you need to tighten and tone around the tummy?

Around your arms?

Around your thighs?

Lose that double chin?

Tighten up your ‘moobs’?

Lose the ‘chicken fillet’ effect at the top of your bust?

Do you want to lose the cellulite on your legs and wrinkles on your face?


Then contact me NOW.


You could drop a dress size or two to get into your ideal party outfit.


This system is ideal for women and men of all ages.


Stuck for ideas for your loved one for Christmas, how about a lovely beauty treatment, they will thank you forever for introducing them to It Works Wraps.



Transform yourself -

call 01753 641425 or 07940 505296

What our customers are saying.

In April 2014, Sonia G said about Wrap2Tone


Cathy was brilliant. I hosted a party for her and we were all skeptical but everyone was amazed at the results! And it lasts... Phenomenal! Would recommend it to everyone. 5 stars all the way

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In July 2014, Emily H said about Wrap2Tone


I'm a size 8 already but have that ring of fat around my tummy that drives me nuts! I can't believe I lots 5 inches in total after my first wrap!!


I will have my dream stomach for my honeymoon it's so exciting! Cathy is so lovely and I will continue with my other wraps and get the results I've wanted for such a long time.


I was worried all those before and after pictures were just the rare few that had great results but now I'm one of them :) thank you!!


In June 2014, W Finlay said about Wrap2Tone


I am very slim due to fitness but had lower abs fat due to c section that doesn't go. Was amazed after just one wrap inches gone and about to have my second wrap for summer.


Would highly recommend Cathy and Wrap2Tone. Its amazing. Nothing to lose but the fat from your body. Try one just to see. You will be pleasantly surprised :)

In April 2014, Doreen C said about Wrap2Tone


I lost a lot of weight & felt uncomfortable & ugly then I came across these wraps. I contacted Catherine who was very honest about the wraps. She was so friendly & easily put me at ease, explained the whole process. I was totally amazed with the results, you can only use a wrap every 3 days, I used 6 wraps on my tummy over 20 days & the stretch mark cream on days in between.


My stretch marks & C-section scar have dramatically faded but amazingly have lost 16inches!! Wow, I am totally hooked & have became a loyal customer of Catherine's so I can use on other areas of my body. Love my new shape & the wraps have DEFINITELY gave me the confidence back. Highly highly recommend. Thanks Catherine for giving me my body back




in Windsor, Eton




Catherine Farrant on:

01753 641425


07940 505296